Review: God Bless the Child by Toni Morrison

Again-someone’s work I’d like to see on PBS or rather someone deserving of an American Masters portrait.

Media Diversified

Toni Morrison

by Sabo Kpade

Chief among the preoccupations of God Bless The Child is skin shade: a slight variation from the skin colour that is a main raw material in many of Toni Morrison’s previous works. The lens is still aimed on the same target but the focus has been narrowed.

Bride is a young woman in her early twenties. The fact that she is independent, successful and in charge of a department called YOU, GIRL – a hip cosmetic range – comes as a near miracle considering the hostility that has plagued her since birth. Born with darker skin than either of her parents, her mother Sweetness contemplated abandoning her or smothering her with a pillow. Her husband, suspecting his wife of foul play, left her. An attempt at restitution with a teacher, whom she accused of child abuse in an attempt to earn her mother’s love, results in a…

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