March 2007 Radio Pledge-the real last date

Well, I came back for more.  It seems that the Radio Pledge is extended one more day.  I received an email and responded.

It’s raining.  Figures.  I thought about taking photos outside but it was too wet.  More depression.

Tonight I enjoy pizza with 3.5 people that I have not met before.  There is one person who is dressed liked librarians that I knew.  I don’t mind the look.  I miss it.  Simple, classic and wearable.

A common theme in the comments from the donors is that the commercial breaks are too long and the pledge begging is too much.  I can empathize thou

Again, the NPR programming at this station is something I heard before a few days ago. 

I received two calls-$75.00 each.  I don’t tend to get large amounts this time around.

10 minutes left.  I will indulge my inner John Adams later at the library.

I stand corrected.  I received a $225.00 pledge.  Yeah, me.