March 2007 Radio Pledge-the last date

Well here we are again at what for me, is the final Radio Pledge in  the old building.  The walk to the station was bittersweet since it was the last walk.  I was also annoyed because in my haste to get the bus I left my camera behind and the bus was late.  I did lighten up.  Some of the usual suspects are there and some were new.  One of them, I usually think of her as “Red Sox fan.” She works at the station.  Sadly, she has been ill. She has chemo and is surviving.  It was good to see her. 

I  just finished talking about Broadway and CRLS alumni.  This grew out of a conversation about the NCAA tournament, features the son of a famous alumni.  I get a kick out of pointing out that certain other alumni from CRLS are not from Southie.  I also talked about how one of the sports alumni was given undo grief because he gave money to the cities that he played in during his college and professional years and not to a school where he clearly would have dropped out had it not been for the athletic program (that was largely ignored by the school until he brought it into local prominence).  He gave to the athletic program he got grief for that.

We now are experiencing an influx of volunteers.  One of them is known to me-Diane.  She is smart and she does lots of things.  It’s great to see her.  The age range is broader than you would expect-there are high school students and retirees and us in between.

I got my first call.  All pledge and no thank you gift-that usually never happens.  I brought a friend with me and we are having a good time.  I have been coaching him on how to do the radio pledge, which was not difficult since he did the tv pledge. 

A woman who was not expected in brought in sandwiches and cookies.  Totally cool.  The pizza is here now and Prairie Home Companion has come on.  Now is playing “the story of Bob.”

I taught my friend that “Bobo” means idiot in Spanish.  The friend incidentally is the kid that I blogged about meeting on MySpace.  We have been having fun for sometime now. Also got in some good natured teasing with Carl.

A woman called in to let us know that the station break where the station asks for money is not appreciated and she is stuck in traffic and Prairie Home Companion is the only thing that is good.  “So the station needs to get over themselves and put the show back on.”  

Wacky Dacky woman finds the current person currently on Prairie Home Companion “annoying.” 

Still eating pizza and taking calls and listening to the radio.

Puffins are also a cereal.


Well, this is it from the old studio.  I will be blogging next from the new studio that was paid for with contributions from viewers like you.



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