March 2007 Radio Pledge Blog

Well, it’s that time of year again when I support the local PBS station with my volunteer work.  I am here with the wacky crazy large lady again an old timer named Dave.

I am listening to program that I listened to on WBUR yesterday about subprime lenders (All Things Considered). I am keeping up with the NCAA March Madness online at  Good for Wisconsin!  Better luck next year, Duke.

No calls yet.  You would think that the snow would influence that.  

Yes, the snow.

Spring is next week and we have snow at this moment. 

I received one call and the gentleman was less than pleased because he did not receive his last radio pledge drive’s pledge gift waaay back in November.  All I could do is direct him to customer service.

There was static playing for a while.  When I came back from the bathroom, the signal was restored.

More waiting and just when I thought that an apple was all the food I would get, the pizza comes.  Great pizza, might I add.  In addition to the usual suspect (cheese), there was some great “double-stuffed” pizza with cheese and spinach.  Totally worth wading in the snow.

Marketplace is on now.  Apparently there is no pledge break.

There was a little banter between Dave and V, one of the talent.  They go back, they explain to us.

The staff came down for the pizza.

I was feeling a little nostalgic because this will be the last Radio Pledge in the old building.  I liked being able to walk over here.  Now I will have to rely on a bus.

C’est la vie.


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