The August edition of WGBH Radio Pledge

Well, many things have happened since the last edition.

-I am now working for a nonprofit that provides opportunities for youth to get involved with nature.  I am much happier than I was but I think that I need to continue to plan ahead.  I heard that the volunteer position at WGBH may become available again.

-I had signed up for the premium service from Xanga but I had not really used it as much.  Admittedly I hang out at Blogger a lot.

-I believe that I will make this the PBS/WGBH blog.  I will discuss programming, pledge drives and memories.  As such, I will probably only update this bimonthly/quarterly.

-Earlier today I watched the earlier block of “please give us money” programming on WGBH 44.   I liked Broadway’s Lost Treasures.  It is show tunes but it is Broadway showtunes.  I watch this show and wish that I had the skill to be a choreographer.

-People have come and go.  The person in charge is a little nervy and insanely tidy.  At times she is not a bad person to talk to.  Right now it is the two of us and we seem to both be online while waiting for calls.

-I just had a random thought that I really need to start saving for a laptop.  I need the portability of a laptop.

-It is insanely quiet.

-Now they are deeply involved in a conversation about who gets what donated food. Interesting.

-Now there is a conversation about newtimers vs. oldtimers.  Honestly, the high cost of living around here just makes it so hard to contribute what you want.

-I just made the observation that the song that is currently playing is now a part of a flea collar commercial that features puppies at camp.  There is something funny and sad about that.




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