Family Affairs-3

Fairhill, West Virginia
Gallio and Tatiana keep close company. They now live in a more restrictive environment than they are used to. At the same time, they are left more to their own devices. There are not siblings, cousins, aunts, cousines, uncles, grandparents or parent to look at lessons or talk to, be mentored by or play with.
Charles tried to help Tatiana adjust by acquainting her with Nancy Merryweather and her stargazing children. Sadly, he still regards his daughter’s accomplishments in astronomy as a curious hobby but not a vocation. He has decided to fill more of her days with “ladies’ accomplishments” such as drawing, dancing and enough music study to play competently. She became bored from not being able to work on her formulas as she would like. Charles’ mother discourages her greatly from it.
Foma, who reminded his youngest siblings that he is to be called Thomas, ignores his siblings.
Both Gallio and Tatiana write voluminous letters to the Gurdinan family. They write two sets of letters. One set they send to the family, which is full of cheer. The second set is what they wish they could send. Both love their father and and mother. They feel that they have a duty to try to bear the burden for as long as they can.

Robert and Daphne share their confidences with each other. This is no surprise since they are very close as siblings. Robert assures his sister that he is pleased that Marielena Wentworth Gurdinan seems happy with The Emperor. He told her that he will always care for her but he missed his chance and that he is content to relate to her as his cousine and friend only. Daphne confessed that she and their cousin Paul Robertson Elliot are closer. Such is their closeness that he is considering changing his position toward the Cause since he seems to be in favour of some of its aims. Due to the strong correspondence they maintain with Marielena and Pasha, they are aware of recent events, including the ‘restriction’ imposed by the Council of Alder.

Beathan and Quillan receive word from their cousine Bridget concerning the events that have taken place on Alder. Beathan is not pleased to hear the news at all since he has knowledge of the activities of Isabella’s brother Eddie and suspects that his hand is in this somehow. The news causes him to write a letter to his informant to verify this information.


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