This is the Blog edition of the Radio Pledge.

It has been a while since I have done one of these.  I have done a radio pledge in the interim but did not have a chance to blog anything as the computers went haywire. 

Today is Day Two.  My first day was wet.  It was biblical.  It was insanely busy from 12-4, which in my experience is unusual because there often downtime to do things like this.

As usual, the radio pledges are populated with old people.  Well that’s the blunt way to say it.  Some are computer literate and others…some are nice and others…are queer dates.

I have not done “Eric in the Evening” in a while.  I like his program.  I should listen to it more.  He has a following-old and new.

I found out a friend got into a car accident. He is okay but I am concerned.  It seems like he is slowly losing what little sight he has.  I understand the need for me to be back on the driving and so I think that I need to step this up.  I have also realized that I enjoy going to certain places that require a car.

Friday I will have a “free” day.  I am just going to focus on house stuff.  I have to.  Our chorus concert was cancelled.  Well that just goes to show that poor planning…in this case, it was not poor planning by the choral director but by the school.

I was to see Matt who was the obsession of 2002-2004.  I long ago was told in a dream that he is gay and likely he still is.  My desire for him is ashes though he is following his plan to become a teacher and I completely love him for it.

It is my lot in life not to meet someone that I can connect with that I can build a life with.  I work with such a person.  His name is Scott.  We connect so very well.  Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend.  Nice kid but nonetheless…[insert Yosemite Sam-like language here].

The person I am intimate with is a great guy but I wish that he was less passive about things.  I also wish that he had more freedom.  It’s killing him.

Well, we just had a discussion about cell phone usage and cars.  A bad combination when not used properly.

The guy that us running the pledge is doing Sudoku, the ‘craze that has swept Japan and is now sweeping America.’  I have yet to do this.  I just do the crossword puzzles which you should do for the rest of your life to keep your mind acute.

Now the older women are talking about children and living in Florida.  They are Jewish.  I caught that ‘blonde’ one had a ‘yenta feel’ to her.  They are talking about hurricanes also.

 I wonder what type of senior citizen I will make.

I worked with a woman named Arleigh Prelow who is a documentarian.  She used to work to to jazz.  I do find that I can work very well while listening to jazz.

I don’t know.  There are times where I will have such clarity and will have an ikigai but then it all gets clouded over.

Well it’s 9:32.  The pledge ends at 11:00.




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