Family Affairs-1

Joraine and Llewellyn receive word from Helena Zyll, which tells them that their daughter and grandson are well. They had since heard from other family about the the Grand Council meeting and The Emperor’s declaration. Joraine herself had declared that she shall not allow Belgica be invaded and desecrated again.
Both are concerned about their daughther and their grandson, especially being so far from home and being in locations where they may be in danger. Llewellyn failed so far in his attempts to convince Helena Zyll to remain at home. One of Joraine amd Llewellyn’s other children, their son Padgett, decided that he will travel to Alder to speak to his wandering sister. Etienne’s daughter Madeleine decides to travel with her cousin as she has never been to Alder.

The Emperor’s Residence, Valhalla, Alder
Marielena continues to get better under the care of Helena Zyll and her brother Pasha. The Emperor’s household has grown with the addition of his Cousine Jora Guillmard and her companion Charles Eldred. They were making their way to visit Jora’s cousin, The Emperor. They had heard by the by of what happened in the Grand Council Chamber. Helena Zyll and her son Jeremiah were overjoyed to see Jora since it was something of a reunion between them all.
The Emperor gathers his household to discuss the recent events. The attackers had been arrested by Mifo and taken away by the Patrol. It was determined that the attack was not directed at him, the foreignists were definitely the target. There was discussion on how to get them out of Valhalla. With the arrival of Helena Zyll, they could speak to the foreignists, who knew very little of their language.
There is word that the Valhalla’s Council would declare movement restriction that would be enforced by the military. There were no other details as such at the time. It was decided that communication should be made to Seven Kingdoms immediately. They would move the foreignists as soon as possible.

After executing the necessary tasks, the Emperor and Marielena spend a bit of time together. Danyo reacquaints himself with his cousines, Helena Zyll and Jora. Alone, Pasha struggles with his feelings for Heleza Zyll. Once dormnant, they rose again with the news from Heleza Zyll herself concerning the estrangement between she and her foreignist mate. Her nearness, her new situation and the flowering relationship between his sister and the Emperor conspire to bring him to his knees in despair. To add to his frustration, his Cousine Sarah Maria and Marielena’s brother Rurik (Roderick Evelyn) are present. Having heard that his sister was in peril, Rurk rushed over, guided by Sarah Maria. She was polite but distant this time. Her presence reminding him of the beautiful but brief idyll they shared before she ended it as she felt herself unequal to him.

In the meantime, Nini arrives with Rodia and Dr. Pasha, Galina’s uncle and Grandfather to Nini. While Dr, Pasha consults with the other doctors, Bridget leads Rodia (Robert Wentworth) upstairs to his daughter. Little Jeremiah discovers Nini and promptly falls in love with her. They are a hit. They are inseparable.

After the consultation, the doctors decide that Marielena can go home to Quesnel. Everyone accompanies her from the Gurdinan-Wentworth collective back to Quesnel as does many from the Emperor’s household. Danyo does stay behind. The Emperor charges his with the task of obtaining more Intelligence on the current situation.
Firebird decides to remain as well to see to the foreignists, who stay in the rooms nearest to her.

The various Gurdinans receive the absent members. The family discusses recent events once everyone is settled. Jeremiah provides much amusements. He declares his love for Nini and states his intentions to Match with her. Vladia is “shocked” by the speed in which the next generation operates. “So, early, ” he says. Sev asks Nini’s father Vassily if he felt that he could part with his daughter so soon. Vera, Nini’s mother asked Jeremiah is he felt that there may be difficulty since Nini was 12 and he was about 4. Jeremiah was sure that he would catch up to Nini because he would one day be 12. vassily asked what he intended to do for work to support Nini. Jeremiah said that he would become a doctor like his mother because he wanted to help people. Dmitri, Vassily’s brother, turned to Dr. Pasha and said, “Well father, it seems as if you may get another doctor in the family after all.”
Helena Zyll returned to the parlor. She mostioned to Sima, Dr. Pasha and Pasha. While her son had been making his intentions towards Nini known to the Gurdinan clan, she had been seeing Felia, the original reason for her trip to Alder.
Felia’s initial reaction was not good. She saw Jeremiah and it made her fidgety and she began to resume her endless knitting. Helena Zyll did get her to set the knitting aside for the time being and focus her attentions on activities that would bring her in contact with the family routine. She would stay to monitor the case although she conceded that her Cousine Makana was much more skilled in this area.
Danyo arrives. Manaba and Vladia greet him warmly. It has been some time since the old friends had seen each other. The room grows somber as Danyo delivers the Intelligence that he was charged to gather.
Notice was served at the Emperor’s Residence that there was a ‘restriction’ in place for all foreignists and those who are deemed “dangerous.” School is suspended for the time being and crowds larger than 10 will be dispersed on the Mall. Those who violated the edict will be arrested.
The Emperor and his family decided to return to their residence. The Emperor wished to leave some guard for Quesnel but the Gurdinans declined. Outside, the Emperor assigned Mifo to act as a guard undercover for them. Sarah Maria and Rurik are escorted by the Emperor to their home at Worthing Manor. They inform the family there that Marielena is well.
In private, Pasha reaffirms his support of the the Emperor to Marielena. It pleases her that her elder brother approves of him.
After the family goes to bed, Sev remains up. He is worried about his daughter Nina. He has had no word from her. As always he is concerned for her welfare as a soldier in the patrol. His four siblings stayed up with him.


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