September’s Grand Update-1

There was a large riot at the Mall. Marielena, Nini and the Emperor were amongst those involved. Marielena got injured. She was taken to the Emperor’s residence. Pasha was sent for. Nini comforted the foreignists she shielded. Pasha and Bridget arrived to the residence. Helena Zyll, who was summoned by the Emperor for Felia, made her way to the Emperor’s residence after being met by his guard, which included Kikuchiyo.
She succeeded in healing Marielena. Danyo Dare, The Emperor’s Uncle and the voice for Belgica, arrived at the residence with Firebird and Rehoboam an Iceni. He and Briget and some of the guard took Nini back to Quesnel, where they informed the various Gurdinan families of what took place on the Mall. Galina left immediately with Danyo, Bridget and the guard to be with her daughter. She was accompanied by her elder brother Sev (Vsevolod).
Pasha greeted his his mother and uncle first on their arrival. He informed them that while Marielena was conscious, she was currently blind. Neither he nor Helena Zyll at that time could say if it was permanent.
The Emperor loses some of his restraint in the privacy of the company of his uncle Danyo. He felt partly responsible for Marielena’s injuries. He felt that he could have protected his “butterfly” better. Danyo comforts him. Once he feels restored to himself, then goes to comfort Galina.

A package arrives for Lettice. It is from Round Earth in Kushkumasi. They are shoes that she made for Lettice’s children. Lettice’s visit to Round Earth seemed to resotre her a bit. Lettice and her children planned to work on a shawl to for her and something small for Nova, the first child to renew the clans.
Sarah Louisa trades correspondence with her Hanover relations. She learns from Isabella Donaugh, the daughter of her Aunt Emily, that her brother Eddie has beome even more active in the Denunciate cause than he let on. He also knows of Augustina’s past involvement in the cause.

Galatia, Kushkumasi
Windsong and Malinche clash over Little Chief’s upbringing. Windsong still does not trust Malinche. Since the other Betrayers-Smenkhare, Horemheb and Ay-are gone, Windsong feels that by allowing Malinche, Smekhare’s mate to remain is dangerous. Brightwater and Asenath counsel forgiveness but concede Windsong’s caution as valid.


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