With us or Against Us
Felia has fallen into a deeper depression. Two more miscarriages have pushed her further into depression. She and Sima reside separately within Quesnel. It has been difficult for him to console her and she refuses to be consoled. Remembering what Joraine had done for both Mabel Ward and for his sister Tamara so many years ago, Dmitri asked the Emperor if perhaps this cousine could be persuaded to return to Quesnel and help his son’s dowery. The Emperor sent a dispatch to his cousines in Domremy to see if either Joraine or Helena Zyll would come.

Grand Council Chamber
The Emperor had to give an accounting of his troops pursuit of Tekkano and his outlaws. There had been more destruction wrought by them throughout the Empire. There was a call to send troops into Belgica and Kushkumasi to seek them. The Emperor made it known that unless there was probable cause or irrefutable evidence that Belgica or any part of Kushkumasi is in collusion with the outlaws, any move on any soverign on the either or both places would be met with the forces of the Seven Kingdoms. He admitted to some bias but made clear that his position was one of fairness. It set the council buzzing since it was the most declarative that the Seven Kingdoms had been in a while.


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