Calls-Part 1

In the interim time, The Emperor paid call to Marielena and her family. While Marielena was embarrassed that they happened upon her mother and her aunts and uncles acting like children, The Emperor assured her that it was okay. He did not say, but he wished that his mother and his aunts and uncles would be as companionable with each other as the Gurdinans were. They shared tea which was peppered with a light conversation until Manaba Lonestar returned with Nokomis, her eldest daughter by Vladimir Gurdinan, Galina’s brother. Manaba of course knew the Emperor. His mother Ladocia Dare is the sister to James Dare who is the leader in Belgica and known by most as “The Teacher.” James’ daughter is Bright Morning. Bright Morning’s dower Metacomet is the son of Altsoba Lonestar who is the sister of Manaba. In a sense, they are family.
Manaba of course wanted to discuss the sessions taking place with the Grand Council. The Emperor informed him of the latest session, that is, what he could speak on. One of the goals for his delegation was to assist Kushkumasi with being recognized again as the independent nation it was and still is. His uncle Danyo is acting as the delegate for Belgica.


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