The Emperor visits

Marielena receives an impromptu visit from The Emperor. He is there on Grand Council business. He could have sent an envoy but decided to come to see her. His brother Christopher has been left in charge with his sister Sora. Also in his entourage is Firebird, the regent for the Kushkumasi ruler Little Chief. She will represent the kingdom at the Council.
For Marielena and The Emperor, the joyous reunion is underlined with concerned. Grand Council sessions take place often but that a full session would be called is of concern. Representing Belgica will be Alanna, not Bright Morning. It is only to keep the taint of the Denunciate situation out of the dealings with Belgica. He will also have to provide an accounting of the situation with Tekkano and his followers since Seven Kingdoms committed the most soldiers to the effort to bring them to justice and has for all purposes, been in charge of the effort.


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