02:57 pm – The Grand Update-April/May
Though busy, Marielena keeps up a healthy correspondence with the The Emperor. She seeems to be a happier person because of it.
Eugenie by contrast is not happy. She has taken to all manner of sewing and knitting. It is often true that there is magic in milinery. The maker infuses every stitch with love and every warp and such with blessings. No such things were infused in the garments that Eugenie put together. She was still suffering from in her pool of despair. Julian wrote to her when he could but she was quite upset with him since he seemingly sided with her father. Now, Eugenie definitely has the Carteret temper. It showed itself quite well throughout the whole ordeal. She also inheirited her great-great uncle Gurdinan’s penchant for holding onto a grudge. She was inconsolable as she knitted anger into each hose, sewed discord into each square of her quilt. She found a sympathetic shouler in her brother Pasha and was annoyed by her sister Marielena. Her happiness pointed out the evils of her situation. That Julian was trying to be responsible by exercising some restraint was lost on her.
Mabel Ward of late took a turn for the better. No one could say exactly why. Elena Bordana would say that it was being surrounded by the family. There is some truth in this. Solange was a more attentive daughter of late and so pleased both her mother Mabel and her father Sasha. Mabel could sit up almost unaided and wanted nothing more than to as much time outside as she could. Nini was the one who helped make that happen.

Since he could, Richmond found Mary and Jane and reinterred them in the castle. Their Lancaster relations still had no knowledge of what took place.


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