The Politics of Family-Part 1
Richmond’s coup is now complete as to Caledonia. He took both Mary’s seat and Jane’s innocence and deposited them both deep in the countryside far away from anywhere. Surprisingly, both survived and are trying to get back home.

Seven Kingdoms
The Emperor decides to sort out the situation of Mirabelle and Duke Chao by bringing them together. He has noticed his friend’s affection towards her. He also knows that they have spent favorable time together.
In the garden, when his parents first met, the two realize that they had been set up by the person that they have in common. Duke Chao finally has the courage to tell Mirabelle of his long held feelings for her. Mirabelle for her part is confused by everything. Chao is quick to tell her that if she set her cap for The Emperor that, perhaps she should look elsewhere. Mirabelle asked if he were interested in the “Kushkumasi” woman. He said no, though there may have been a time in the past and but for her constancy to the mate she lost, he would have made his case to her. No, Chao affirmed, it is the outlander from Valhalla. “The commoner,” asked Mirabelle in surprise. “She is not a commoner. Her mother is the Grand Duchess of Quesnel. The family was and is of the gentry though with such Matches as were made by her mother, she is now of the grandee class.” Chao asked her if she were fond of the Emperor. Mirabelle replied that she could not say that she was deeply in love with him but she regarded him deeply and that at her age she felt that they would be a good Match. He asked her if there were any others to consider. She mentioned that her parents encouraged her in this pursuit since he did seem to favor her. Chao reminded her that her father and mother did not make life easy for The Emperor’s mother. Perhaps it would be best to consider another option. They talked for a bit and she decided that she may wish to continue to spend time with Duke Chao and maintain her friendship with the Emperor.


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