11:44 am – The Grand Update-March
Seven Kingdoms
The Emperor decides to visit Marielena again and combine it with a visit to his cousin the Duke at Faith and Freedom. He takes a small contingent with him and asks his sister Sora to watch over things with Koshain. The Emperor’s mother returns from her visit to Kushkumasi and finds out that her son has gone to Valhalla. She leaves to follow him.

Quesnel, Valhalla
The Emperor pays an unexpected visit to the Gurdinan household. With the timing that all Dares seem to have, he came as Charles Robertson came to collect Tatiana and Gallio to take them to Fairhill. The Emperor took tea with the family and deftly deflected Charles’ attempts to lower Marielena in his eyes. The Emperor also reminded Charles that he spent a wild youth serving on a ship along side of his mother, The Dowager Empress and Gallio’s namesake and as he was told, actually benefitted from the association. His people accept his mother as a member of the royal house for all that she is an outsider. The Emperor took Marielena to dinner in the rooms that he took for this occasion.


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