George and Isabella
Isabella stayed up watching the rain come down. She was joined by her eldest brother George. Since their age difference was quite significant, they were not terribly close to each other. George was the one who would inheirit everything. He also was the apple of their mother’s eye-along with the reckless Edward. In recent years, his health had been up and down. Of more importance, he had not struck a match yet and produced grandchildren. While the fact that Hamish Donaugh had 22 potential heirs was comforting, still it made things simple if the most responsible of the male children set up his house and prepared himself to take over everything. George handled the running of things along with their father and William, the next eldest and also one of the most useless. While not close to George, Isabella respected him. William was vacilating and weak-willed. He worried about appearances and it was safe to say that if one were on fire, he would either run around like a hen with her head cut off or stand holding the water while deciding if it was in his best interest to put the fire out.

George engaged Isabella in conversation. He heard of what had transpired earlier in the week. He did point out that she promised not to go to the cottage only, not that she would not go out at night or that Weston-Pepperell would not come there. She affirmed this but said that she saw no reason to make the situation worse by playing semantical games with their father when in a short time, she would be able to spend as much time with Beathan Weston-Pepperell as she wished. George agreed and was pleased but not surprised by her answer. He indicated that he thought that she had good sense and that she was not as selfish as their brother Charles made her out to be.


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