12:06 pm – The trouble with Charles
Charles Donaugh caught Isabella and Beathan at his place. While he did not catch them in a state of undress, it did look as if they either were to be intimate or had been intimate. An argument ensues. Charles does not like Beathan because he sees through Charles’ hypocrisy. Beathan also knows of the ‘wanderings’ that Charles has partaken in. Charles swears to ruin Beathan in the eyes of their parents. Beathan dares him to. Charles tries to force Isabella to go home with him, but she refuses. Beathan encourages her to return with her brother.

The next morning, Isabella is called in to speak with her parents. Charles has told them and she confesses to her nightly wanderings to Beathan’s cottage. Both parents are shocked to say the least. After much to and fro, Isabella informed her father that she would leave the family and be with him. Emily again calms the situation and points out as did Isabella that Beathan did intend to Strike the Match, so they need not worry about her reputation. Emmeline and the younger siblings were eavesdropping. Charles came by and she pushed him into an empty hallway. She called him a rat for what he did to Isabella and then she reminded him of his own behaviour which was far more damaging to the family reputation than Isabella’s ever could be. She also told him that Isabella gave him up to their parents and that she told about his own visits to the Druid village.

The Infare is still on and Isabella promised not to wander at night.
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