Charles Robertson came back to spend time with his children. He has tea with Pasha, Tatiana and Gallio. They have a nice conversation, the children just catching him up on their lives. Pasha tells about an interesting case that he has and Charles tries to remain interested in what Tatiana discovered this week while stargazing. Eugenie enters the room obviously upset. She accused her father of getting to Julian and convincing him to delay the Infare. Claire Carteret, her grandmother, got involved. She admonished Eugenie for the terrible things she said to Charles. Eugenie tried to protest but Pasha and Marielena stepped in. Marielena walked her away and tried to calm her. Charles went after Galina again for her “bad job of parenting.” Claire stepped in and went after Charles, reminding him that it was Galina, her daughter that forgave him his errors and that worked hard to foster a relationship between he and his children and that but for the fact that she loved her daughter he would not be in the house. Charles became angrier and Pasha tried to calm the situation which almost got physical between Charles and Dmitri, who really never liked him. Vasily, Claire’s husband stepped forward and put a stop to it all. He sent Gallio and Tatiana to their rooms. He advised Pasha to take Charles out for a walk as Pasha has recommended.


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