Beathan visits Isabella Donaugh and tells her about the plans for their life together while they view the latest comet to enter the orbit. He tells her that he has purchased a flat in Alexandria. It is near the area where the astronomers all go out to view the stars. He described the school that she could go to there for astronomy. She asks if they would be able to return to Tara to visit the family and the Druids. He assures her that they would. The next day, Beathan arrives at the Donaugh home. He is recieved by the parents and he asks for Isabella’s hand. Her father is not pleased. He knows of the Westons and of the Pepperells and he does not want the association. Beathan points out that as scandalous as members of his family may seem, the Lordship need only to recall his own son Edward and her Ladyship’s family and remember that those in glass houses should not throw stones. The Pepperell bluntness only incensed him and Lady Emily intervened as peacemaker.
Isabella listened in the other room in silence. She was summoned by her mother who put the question to her. Isabella stated that at Beathan’s side was where she wanted to be. Lord Donaugh stated that if she went through with it, they could expect no help from him. They stated that they understood. He would not host the Infare, which shocked Emily and Isabella but a little. Both said they understood. Lady Emily asked for sometime alone with Lord Donaugh. Beathan took his leave and said that he would return the next day for the answer. Isabella went upstairs.
Once alone, Lady Emily recalled to him the story of her own elder sister who knew her mind and chose someone that their father did not approve of because he saw the gentleman as a social climber. He was proven wrong by the fact that Caroline and the gentleman to this moment remain happily together and are not living in misery but living quite well. One son is a member of the Council along with the father. If anything, as young Weston-Pepperell gently pointed out, they should have been pleased that the man she freely calls “brother” did not leave after the awful scandal that took place with their younger sister.
Emily spoke to Lord Donaugh for a long time. He finally relented, claiming that he adored Isabella and wanted the best for her, especially since she was very shy and quiet. Lord Donaugh himself delivered the good news to Isabella who waited in an anxious silence. She knew that it was her mother that they had to reach and once she was an ally, then she would manage their father because he at least acknowledged that when it came to the children, especially the girls, she was his superior in this area. She was pleased that it all worked.
Beathan could not wait and came later that night. Isabella told him the news. She told him that her father would allow them to have the Infare there.
Beathan returned the next day and was received by Isabella’s parents. The other siblings crowded around the door to listen since the news had gotten to them. Lord Donaugh gave his blessing and reminded Beathan of the treasure that he was receiving. The Infare is to be small as they desired it and take place in one Sennight also as they desired it. Beathan was now expected to take dinner with them regularly. After spending the day with the Donaughs. Beathan went home and wrote to his family. His brother Quillan returned home from his sojourn in Viviana’s village and upon hearing the news, congratulated his brother. He also began to imagine the adventures the three of them would have together after they were settled in Alexandria.

Charles Robertson stopped by and caught Robert and Galina in an almost intimate moment. He accused Galina of being a bad mother and being responsible for turning his children against him, especially Eugenie. Robert leapt to her defense and to his daughter’s defense since Charles attacked her character also. Galina sent Robert out to meet Marielena.  Galina then set him Charles straight on the role he played in the awful relations that he had with his own children. She conceded that Eugenie was moving too fast with her Infare and was doing it to spite her father. She said that she would speak to her about it. She also told him to stop pressuring the other children. She also counseled him to look at their son Thomas with open eyes and begin with sorting him out first. She also reminded him of his own youth and what he did that angered his father and how he mended the relationship by learning maturity. While there was a little back and forth, Charles conceded to Galina’s position and left to pay call to his aunt.
Eugenie returned home and Galina took her aside. She saw that Eugenie was upset. Eugenie told her that Julian had spoken to her earlier. They had a fight. He wanted to wait. He wanted her to mend the relationship with her father. He also felt that she was rushing into this. Galina listened to all of it, then told her that she agreed much to Eugenie’s dismay. They went back and forth but she at least got her to see that waiting a bit might be better.
Pasha came home not long after his sister. Galina related everything to him. She also told him that he must let her sort out their father and the other children. She wanted him to build his own family. She hinted at grandchildren. Pasha assured his mother that he would not worry about her and the others so much.

Seven Kingdoms
More of The Emperor’s siblings come to visit-Shasta, Alan and Tycho. All three now know of their brother’s new adventure and are quick to advise him. Shasta recommends that he send Marielena a beautiful necklace in the style the West Kingdom. Shasta is one of the The Emperor’s favorite little sisters. She is full of energy and seees things quite clearly. Their mother contemplates having the younger siblings remove to the Seven Kingdoms on a more permanent basis.


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