Marielena writes to Doron again. 

Galina confides her concerns over her children to Marielena’s father, Robert., Lord Wentworth. 

She is concerned that Pasha is seeking companionship because he does not want to leave her alone.  While she is happy that Marielena is happy with her blooming relationship, she is concerned that it will not go anywhere mostly because it cannot given the different lives that Marielena and the Emperor lead.  She always misses her son Foma who now calls himself Thomas and seems to reject his mother’s side of the family.  She has not heard anything about him lately but what she had heard was not pleasing to her.  She feels that his father has not guided him as he should have and that any word from her will cause another fight.  Tatiana seems to be doing well with her studies and her friendship with the Emperor’s younger brother who is also an astronomer.  She senses though that Tatiana and Gallio, the youngest feel conflicted in their relationship with their parents.  Gallio is Gallio.  He is the younger version of his uncle Vladimir with girls to and fro and quite the little rake.  Eugenie is a large worry because of the rift she opened up with her father.  She is pushing ahead with her Infare though she is not ready and is insisting on excluding her father from everything.  She is also causing the family to take sides. Galina wants to end the strife but is not sure how to do it.  Robert just listened and assured her that she would find the best course of action.


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