The Grand Update- January

Valhalla in general which includes Quesnel
Doron and Marielena court in earnest, making the most of his time there. They go riding and visit each other often. They discuss the prospect of “rowing the same boat.” Both acknowledge the difficulty of a union between them but also looks to sorting it out. Doron and his entourage set themselves up at one of the homes in the Old Republic district. They will stay for the fortnight and each will be returning to their respective homes-Bright Morning and her family to Belgica, Makana will return there after another few days and Doron (The Emperor) and his family will travel back to the Seven Kingdoms.

Doron notices Pasha‘s interest in his Cousine Makana and mentions to him that he may have an opportunity.
Doron also visits Marielena‘s father Robert. Charles works to get the Emperor interested in Tatiana or Eugenie.

Tycho joins the entourage and renews his acquaintance with Tatiana. He will leave with Makana but will return to Kushkumasi.


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