Danyo Paul Dare, King from Faith and Freedom in West Virginia, attend a reception held in honor of his family, who was visiting from the Seven Kingdoms.  Makana was invited by the Emperor as was Bright Morning and her family.  Others attended as well such as Marielena and her family, who were the special guests of the Emperor.  The atmosphere was somewhat tense.

The Emperor and Marielena grew even closer.  She calls him “Dorosha” and he has yet to give her a name, since many of them have been taken already by her family.  Charles Robertson and his family notice the closeness between them.  His mother mentions to him that it should be his daughter by Galina that should be courted by the Emperor and not his cousin’s daughter.  Charles in the meantime is reacquainted with the Emperor’s mother, with whom he has served on a ship in another time and place.

Pasha was recaptivated by Makana and Bright Morning.  Makana also provided news of Helena Zyll, who is going to remain at home with her family at this time.  She and Auguste are separated at this time.  He is living with the settlement in the Borderlands.  Makana provides news of Kanna, Laura’s daughter by the King of Greenwalls.  She and her siblings are in Tara.

The Denunciates and the Denunciate sympathizers make their plans to renew their work buoyed by the success of the lawyers, of which Marielena is one. 



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