The Emperor goes

The Emperor decided to visit Marielena at Quesnel. Buoyed by his Cousine Bright Morning‘s support, he and a small entourage visit Vallhalla on their way to Belgica. He pays a call unannounced with his mother and Bright Morning and her family. They visit with Galina until Marielena returns with her sisters and Cousines. His mother, Ladocia, confesses to Galina, whom she hadn‘t seen in a great many years since the first “rebellion” that her son was in love with her daughter and that he wanted her to meet Marielena and the family since he valued her judgment. He likewise wanted Galina to meet them again and see if she would approve of him for her daughter. Galina is shocked to be sure. She likes The Emperor and his family and she knew that they corresponded. She did not know that things had developed in this manner, especially since every interaction was an official one. Ladocia confessed that The Emperor though mature in many ways he is relatively still new the rituals of courtship.

He and Marielena finally talk. She is surprised only because she never would have seen it coming. She assumed it was official business. They decide to court as much as they can court while he is there.


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