What happened next…

Seven Kingdoms
Bright Morning was joined later by Metacomet and their son Wamsutta. The visit did very well for the little family. Doron spoke to her about many things. She noticed that he still was interested in a certain lawyer that lived in Quesnel. Both Bright Morning and Metacomet encourage him to pursue this relationship as they have encouraged Sora to pursue hers. Discussions about the Cause are tabled in favour of family time for the moment.

From her sickbed, Lettice begins to teach Acton and Alfred some of the old ways as she was taught. The more time that Acton spends with her family, the more he learns about her life in what they call “the before time.” He still harbours doubts and fears about their relationship because of what he learns about Lettice and the late and lamented Bluebird. The fact that it was decided that she would seal the royal families through her union with Bluebird is not what disturbs him most. It is that she and Bluebird were deeply in love and that though many saw him fall, it still could not be confirmed that he was in fact gone. After all, the ones that found Lettice swore that she was gone. They did not know how she survived. Bluebird could have also, just like his nephew and Cousin. More to the fact. Lettice did not know that any of her family had survived and now there are three families with cousins and cousines and uncles and aunts. What if he comes back? Will he tear apart their little family? Even more so, the pull of Lettice’s people is great. They want her to return and live there.

Alfred visits with Lucy Gray, who continues his education in other ways. The bread venture was halted by Lettice’s illness since she assisted him with it as did her Cousine Jane. Lucy tells him about the mystics, who were her mother’s people. She tells him about the ones that live in Tara and about what they do.

Ricky’s children go to Tara to see Bridget and the gang.


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