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Well, what happened next?

Seven Kingdoms
Bright morning was received by her Cousin the Emperor who missed her spirits-rather any spirits since his sister Shasta left. Bright Morning also notices the growing attraction between the Emperor‘s sister Sora and Ted Detton. She finds him interesting but sad. He becomes more interested in her after learning that she is connected with the Denunciates he heard about.

Not much more is taking place except that Lettice came over with a fever. She has memories of her life as it was and of Brush and Bluebird and her mother, Night Flying Woman, whose power was to harness power in the Dreamscape. Anne keeps them up on what happens in Kushkumasi. Lettice‘s aunt and uncle talk about removing back to where they lived. They do not like the “plain living“ of the Pickworths and the Fishers, or rather, the fact that they have to work harder than they had in the past being “refugees.” Alfred learns more things at Lettice‘s bedside.

Jecho and Madelle
Madelle and Jecho meet. He is bowled over by her. What he really likes about her is that she gets things down. She is a many idea-ed woman who sees the wisdom in his way. She has the political insight that he does not have and he sees the advantage of it. Never mind the fact that he is just simply in love with her.



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