Well, I think that affirmative action has accomplished much of what it was meant to accomplish which was to provide equal access for those who were denied access before.

Being somewhat older, I recognize that I am the beneficiary of those who would not have gotten ahead without some kind of affirmative action.

Regarding women and wages, the fact is that women earn less than men do.  This is due to many things-entering the workforce later, working at lower paying jobs on average, dropping out of the workforce to have and raise children.

Ace448 is mistaken regarding “Black Only” schools.  The Historically Black Colleges and Universities in fact have recorded an increase in enrollment of students from all races including white students, whose parents traditionally regarded such schools as inferior.  Not all but some.  Those that are funded by federal dollars cannot legally deny anyone admission. 

I also heard the stories of how those who got the foot in the door provided by affirmative action didn’t always get the opportunities to advance that a person would traditionally get such as mentoring.  They would get brought out when a company has to prove its diversity but not given real opportunity to do real work, hence the stereotype that developed about Affirmative Action employees.

People persevered though.

All I can say about the program is that it is still quite necessary-the scope is bigger than Black people and female and we need to remember that what is done now is preparation for the future.

And, in regards to slavery in the United States, it took place over the period of 1619 until it was finally abolished in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. Like many things that were handled by the US government especially in the past (the Native Americans and other groups of color can attest to this) promises were not kept and those who supported this country through two world wars and a few police actions returned home to find that they were not given the opportunities that they were fighting for others to have in their homeland.  Affirmative action was created to address that.

I don’t think I will get over slavery anymore than I would ask anyone to get over the Holocaust or Wounded Knee or Sand Creek.


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