Things to be Thankful for

That I can get up in the morning.

That though what I thought was a cold was really the flu and that it did not turn into pneumonia this time.

That I have the capacity to change and grow (even if it’s not as fast as I’d like.)


Cold Case

The Robert Redford adaptations of the Tony Hillerman novels
I suppose the Red Sox winning in my lifetime and the Patriots too (although I still am glad the Bears beat the Patriots in the 80s-I think it was 1986. We were humongous Walter Payton fans. I still am and have followed his son Jarret with interest. Payton was one of the authentic nice guys in the league, not unlike Ray Bourque on the hockey side. And yes. I was a sucker for the Superbowl Shuffle video that came out.)

White tigers

Public rituals on the Boston Common.

More common ground than was experienced by previous generations

Vanilla Chai Tea

Gingerbread donuts

Full hips and chest (I like Rubenesque)and a full nose and lips and head of hair.

The ability to share

Understanding that my successes no matter how small are the fruit of the labors and the fullfillment of the dreams and hopes of those that came before me and that I have a responsibility to go as far as I can and to never forget and that I should pay forward and reach backward as much as I am able.


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