Well, another holiday. Another post.

Procrastination is the thief of time. I should write that one hundred times.

I am still getting over my cold which is irritating more than anything else.  Today was a warm day and I could not enjoy it.  I feel like there are other things I could be doing…Enjoyable things but such as it is.

Let’s see…


Felia experienced sharp pains. She was not feeling well after having contracted a fever somewhere. The family sent for the Doctors Pasha who were at the younger’s office. They also sent for Sima.

Sadly, Felia loses the baby.  It was one of those things.  Elena Bordana, the would be grandmother is just convinced that the family is cursed.  As she always has.  She was the one in the family that came from a different sort of family, a more traditional family.  She married a unusual person in Pavel Gurdinan-the elder Doctor Pasha.  (The younger Pasha is actually his grand or great nephew, that is the grandson of his brother Vasily.  A running family joke is that genes hopscotch in the family during pregnancy or that changelings are hard at work. The only descendant Gurdinan in the family to become a doctor is in Vasily’s line while Doctor Pasha’s line is full of dancers and teachers-Vasily is a teacher and his wife Claire was a ballet dancer.)


I began to tell some of the family history in Nini’s journal. 


Bright Morning decides to correspond with the Cousins and Cousines about important things.


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