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November 11, 2004


I am currently listening the Monkees “I’m a Believer.” I still can’t seem to get the image of Shrek and his buddies dancing to the Smash Mouth version of this song which was so absurd.

I like the way it then slid into Evanescence.

I am st work. Not even real Veteran’s get Veteran’s Day off anymore. I have no living veterans in this family sadly and the last one would have been a WWII vet and that is the grandfather.

CG shared photos and told me about why he got interested in Southeast Asia. “CG” would be known to those in previous blogs not posted here as one of the older people that I work with. “CG” stands for creepy guy and I can collect ’em. He’s nice enough and smart in his way. It’s interesting that he did it. I was a complete brat to him the day before. I would like to talk to him for an extended time because this place does not afford that but then there is the whole “work is work” and “not work is not work” and he is a supervisor.

Well back to arranging for cool trips and things for other people such as myself. Maybe I will have more interesting stuff to say while I am doing the radio pledge for WGBH tonight and tomorrow. Like all the other lemmings, I’ll definitely have an Apprentice opinion.





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