November 14, 2004

Two or three days later

I was told that I did a very good post. That pleases me. Praise is good. Too much praise is like too much candy–it gives you cavities. I am at work today which is not unusual. I work Sundays which are quieter but it can be tought like today. I so wanted to dtay in bed. Friday and Saturday were the first non related work days I have had in a long time. The cheap Capricorn binged spent on Friday. I purchased a skirt because I liked it and it was actually something that I wish has been at Target because it would not have cost as much (it was 44.50 but I know that at Target it would have been about 20.00 less). I also bought a hat. I like hats. I was sadly born in the era after the great hat wearers. Granted, there are still those who wear them as in really wear them and they live mostly in the South but they also go to church. I am not Christian so there goes that.

I also bought some manga graphic novels. Two that grabbed my attention were Tsubasa and TokyoTribes. Tsubasa is interesting to me because it takes the characters that were in Cardcaptor Sakura and spins a whole other story with them. Relationships are redesigned and some of the qualities that defined some of the characters are exhanged for others. (There are grammar teachers whipping out red pens everywhere at that last sentence…) It is also produced by an all female team called Clamp. They do shojo stuff and they do cool action. I like the idea that it is all girls. By contrast the Tribes is the Japanese take on the Street gang life that is overdone in American TV. I laughed at some of the dialogue. It was clear that the writers got their “ghettoese” from watching the movies that were exported from the US. Still, I bought the stories and the characters. I was still a little sad because again you’d think that all Black life was about it violence and money (or lack of it) and the bitch/whore/madonna/slave complex regarding women.

I have to figure out now how to transport a tuxedo to Colombia.


Let see, the Prince, is a coworker of mine. I used to call him “Monkey” and sometimes I still do. I took to calling him the Prince of Darkness not too long ago. He does fit that. He is dark without being gothic. If the writer Ambrose “Bitter” Bierce had great grandchildren (which he didn’t because one son committed suicide and I think the other either died from a disease or in a duel and both were childless) this guy would be it. He is nice though and I do think of him as a little brother. He likes reading the comics with the weird humor. We actually bonded over a mutual love of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. He’s here today. He has a girlfriend named Rei. He used to call her girl-thing which I told him to stop doing because it objectifies her. I also told him that it is my mission to meet her and get her to call him “Monkey.”

CG (Creepy Guy) actually shared photos with me after I had been such a brat. ( I may have said this already.) I will actually be nicer to him. I have given him thought but he is old. You can only stand still for so long but then too, he has been EVERYWHERE in Southeast Asia.

There are times that you wonder why you could not meet certain people at certain times in your life. I would have gone to Asia with him. I laugh to myself here because I also would have gone to Cuba with someone else. Almost did until my aunt talked me out of it. I should have held onto my cajones.

See, I’m all for thinking things out and what makes sense but I will tell you everytime that you are born alone and you die alone and when you are about to die, there is a reckoning that you have to deal with. The trick is to get through life without many regrets. Sometimes family though they mean well can hold you back, especially if you are a girl.

My regret can be summed up in trying to get the approval of my family. Or at least in trying to get the approval or blessing for certain decisions. That’s where time is wasted again especially for girls in their early adulthood. By the time you realize that you can be free, time is lost and well you end up made but the trick is just to say well, this is the direction I can take now.

I think that now I will go back to work and try to find a way on a Sunday to ship a tuxedo to Colombia.

Posted by Emma Lathan on November 14, 2004 at 09:37:12 AM


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