Reflections on Apprentice2.

Here are some postings I made on the recent season of  ‘The Apprentice.”

Well he did make a really dumb choice. As to Stacy, not with a Y, I agreed with her that she was getting railroaded. It is almost like they wanted to get another Omorosa. Ivana should have gone. i had no respect for her at all. She was indecisive and disorganized and she had an excuse for everything.




I still feel this way. Last week’s episode proved that Stacie (Stacy not with a Y) though fired was capable and professional. She did go after Ivana but could you blame her? The show did get something of another Omarosa in Ivana. Backstabbing and uncooperative.


So Stacie got taken out…*shakes head*

She sure did. I have seen witch hunts that were more humane. Women are a piece of work, I tell you.

I was listening to this episode on my digital tuner while participating in the WGBH pledge Drive ($50 to become a member although anything is appreciated to keep one of the last independent tv and radio stations on the air. ) I also saw the episode on tv (I finally taped one on Thursday…) Chris deserved the bounce. He did himself in because he was disillusioned. He was used to winning and he was used to situations that played to one strength of his. The best PMs were people who may realize that they are not the experts but were able to utilize the people around them. Chris was like, “we’re going to lose…they have Sandy and I know nothing about this…” He did not motivate by example and he forgot the first rule of competition in figure skating and gymnastics. Sure the judges remembers what went before especially if it was great but they only care about the performance at that takes place at that moment and they remember really only the last thing they see-a fall, a missed triple, a cranking scratch spin and elegant position. Chris stated that he was successful until now but he had a great opportunity to show what he was made of. Why Trump want as his apprentice someone who threw in the towel so early?


Again, much to my listening displeasure (which everyone at the pledge noticed), Ivana’s hide was saved because the PM made a critical error that trumped (there goes those puns) her slimy sleazy behaviour. Again, on behalf of fellow Bostonians especially in the financial services area, we must disavow any kinship to such a rotten person. I bet she will be like Omarosa, “oh but people know that I have another nicer side to me.” Ummm….actions always speak louder than words.

I think the final four will be Kevin, Jenn M, Andy and either Wes or Kelly. The first two know how to stay under the radar. I think that Trump looks at Andy and may not bounce him as I once predicted because of his youth. I think that he may look at Andy and be thinking long term, a any good leader does. There was a popular manga (Japanese comic) in the 90s called ‘Sanctuary,’ which blended politics, organized crime and the disillusionment of the Gen X with the Boomers and the war generation and how they are running with an honest to goodness Horatio Algeresque love story. One of the many quotes I remembered from the English translation which still is true is something that goes “A good leader just doesn’t think one year ahead. He thinks TEN YEARS ahead.” Wes and Kelly have proven themselves here and there. There will be a final showdown(project) which will determine the fates of Wes, Kelly and Kevin.



Well I am typing this at another pledge. What a difference a year makes. When I joined xanga, the Red Sox were coping with yet another defeat at the hands of “the evil empire” and I was crazy about US Grant. I also was still made about John Adams and I composed posts while walking that never got posted.


The pledge is always cool. You meet interesting people. I get to post and look up New Order lyrics. How does it feel? I’ll find my soul when I go home. You say the words that I can’t say. When I was a very small boy, very small boys talked to me. I was also waiting last year for the premiere of ‘Cold Case,” which had me with their endless playing of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Have you ever see the rain?’ which is one of the few CCR songs that I like. Since then, they have used some great setting music that touches me nostalgically. This week’s upcoming episode takes place in the 80s and will concern the gay community and AIDS. I wonder if they will use New Order at all? If they do, I will completely love them. Now I am not a person that gets star struck or anything but I am in love with Kathryn Morris who plays Det. Lily Rush. I like her character and I like the person.


Just entered into a great conversation about the Ingalls-Wilder family. I am always up for that.


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