Now on looking at some of the slang, I see that some of it I remember hearing such as “hunky dory” as a child.   Words are a fascinating thing.  Thoughts, ideas and feelings are conveyed through keystrokes and pencil strokes and vocal utterances.  One could fall in love with language.

Witchy Ways

Admittedly, I let my Sabbat rituals fall by the wayside.  I totally blew off Ostara but then told myself, “well and I can celebrate the Christian holiday Easter and I’ll do a real good Beltane and Midsummer’s…”  There was a public ritual at the Fells on March 21st but that was the totallty cold and rainy–seriously rainy weekend.

I pray and I observe the moon esbats which have more to do with goddess energy anyway as well as the “trying to be a good person thing,”  which is universal.

The more I hear of the Jesus story, the more I am convinced that he was a human and that he achieved legendary status.  Can you imagine the current psychiatric paradigms that would have been applied to his story?

There would have been no immaculate conception.  Mary who was likely a teenager, would have been abused by a man in her household or had a affair with her cousine Elizabeth’s husband or Joseph and Mary had sex before marriage.

John the Baptist, his cousin definitely would have been diagnosed as bipolar.  He’s living out in the desert and wearing camel skins and baptizing everyone bloke that walks on by and crying about repentance and getting saved because the lord is coming.  I actually also wondered about Jesus and John’s relationship.  Their mothers were sisters and they seemed to be about the same age.  Did they play together?  They must have liked each other for John baptized Jesus.

Jesus’ unmarried status would have been interesting.  That he surrounded himself by men would have suggested homosexuality, especially if you look at the writings that are left out of the traditional bible.  Simon Peter seemed unusually upset and jealous when according to the writings of Philip, Jesus seemed to prefer the company of Mary Magdalene (this Mary is a different sort than what we are used to–the insane whore.  She was a respectable widow and intellectual and an eager student whose intimacy, at least on her part was that of a sister to a brother–think the Carpenters).  So maybe if we take a different reading, then Jesus was bisexual in a society that acknowledged (because it was more profitable to do so) only heterosexuality.  His parents’ marriage would have been looked at and turned over to seek the answer.  It seems that it was a happy union although as I ever recalled, we never see Joseph after the whole thing where Jesus talks to the rabbis.  If Jesus was illegitimate or if there was a question of illigetimacy, then his father’s absence from the tale could be seen as distance.  It seems that maybe this brother James was the one that Joseph paid more attention to because he knew that at least this child was his.  Schizophrenia has as a feature the whole “hearing voices” thing.  Maybe Jesus was?  Who knows?

I waste more time playing on google…but sometimes ideas strike me and I have to answer the questions.  Now I am in colonial hall looking up things on who else but John Adams.  Now I am looking up his friend Robert Treat Paine whom I had always confused with Thomas Paine who wrote the famous pamphlets and Lewis Paine who was involved in the Lincoln murder plot and hanged.

I read an article last week in the boston phoenix that dealt with the allegations that Abe Lincoln was gay.  I had heard about George Washington and Alexander Hamilton  and I think, “and so?”

Okay, so I know that I have more to say but I think it’s time to go and have a coolatta and enjoy the evening.


I’ll get better at this–honest!





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