Today is Billie Holliday’s birthday.  Beautiful voice and beautiful woman.  She would have been 89.   A hard life robbed her of a lot of years.  Though I wonder what would have happened to her had she come through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s?  Would she have survived as Ella  and Tony did, being beloved enough to have a spot?  Would she have faded away?  Would she have found the HAPPINESS that she was seeking?


You will find that I will talk about many different things rather than about myself.  Like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I am a “many idea-ed woman.”  I do sometimes talk the way I write.  Be patient.


Boston Cares

I am in the midst of putting together a Teamworks at an organization that I am not sure will be helped by it or that I have as strong an interest in anymore.

I like Earthworks but sometimes it seems so all over the place even though they did a reorg.  It’s funny I was going to ask a member if he would be interested in being a co-leader with me because he has so many good qualities.  He’s smart and has a way of connecting with people that isn’t always apparrent when you first meet him.  He has good leaderships skills and he would be a good asset in the service learnign portion.  However he is 20-something and busy and pursuing a plan that might not allow even the little time it would take.  (Listen to me, like I am oh so old “he’s 20-somethin’.”  But then I have always sounded old.)

My only concern as always has been the person that coordinates this kind of thing.  She comes off as if she knows it all and well, she gets paid to do what she does and I chose not to apply for her job.  It’s not even in a mean way, I guess maybe she’s not used to working with certain people or expecting that certain types of people may be on her level or even above it.  Even getting to this point in doing a Teamworks where I had been sheleved a lot and not hearing back well the last straw being that I was told that because a previous Teamworks leader wanted to do an outdoor one, I would have to wait even though I submitted my proposal for this one last year really got me.  Admittedly, I had switched to the Earthworks one because the literacy one that I had proposed and was going to go through with kept getting shelved so I said to her that I would rather do the Earthworks one and then that’s when she told me that thing about waiting until the fall and she also admitted that she was not as knowldegeable about literacy programs to which I pointed out lightly again that I had done a lot of legwork FOR her.  She just had to put it together.

What’s funny is that I am a little “Chinese”–I have eaten a lot of bitterness.  Had I not gone to the Social Issue Salon, which I was pleased with on a tepid level, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to say anything to the Executive Director, who I suspect had something to do with me even getting a chance to do this thing. 

Oh the wild and woolly travels of community service.  It is liberating to set this down and I haven’t set down nearly all of the feelings about that episode.  But it’s done with for now.  I think that it affected me more than I realized because it reminded me of times at work and at school when it happened.  Sure patience is something but I like John Wooden’s “be quick but don’t hurry” mantra. 

Okay, John wooden only makes sense to some people.

I wonder about Billie.  She sang about the bitterness that she ate.  Maybe she at too much.


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